National Electric Code (NEC)
The NEC creates standards and codes for several industries in the US, and is part of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Plenum cables are rated by the NEC depending on the specific use of the cable.  Under article 800, plenum communication cables are rated as CMP.  CL2P and CL3P are the ratings for Classes 2 or 3 plenum remote-control, signaling and power-limited cables under article 725 of the NEC code.  Plenum power limited fire alarm cables are rated under article 760 with the code FPLP.  Article 770 deals with OFCP and OFNP, conductive plenum optical fiber cables and nonconductive plenum optical fiber cables respectively.  MPP is the code for multi-purpose plenum cables.  Under article 820, CATVP is the code name for plenum community antenna television cables, while BLP for plenum network broadband communication cables is under article 830.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
UL standards are from Underwriters Laboratories, which is a non-profit testing organization.  When a cable is given a UL rating, it has been approved for use in the US.  For Canada, a cUL or ULC rating is given.

CSA International
CSA standards are Canadian standards from CSA International.  Products certified by CSA international have the “CSA” mark.

Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
The EIA is a trade organization comprised of 5 different associations dealing with the electronics industry.  Together, they create standards and codes for the industry to follow.